The Zaft Buck

Score 206 Typical

Wayne Zaft Buck view 1Wayne Zaft Buck view 2Wayne Zaft Buck view 3 Wayne Zaft Buck Score 206 Typical

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Below the measurements and story will tell you all about this Buck becoming the new World Record archery whitetail.

This buck is priced at $2500 US dollars.

Most readers of Big Buck Magazine admit to being hopeless additcts.  On an eternal quest for bigger and better bucks, we ravenously scour the pages of Garry's excellent publication in search of the one image or story that will quench our thirst for news about monster details.  Truth be told, regardless of all of the spectacular bucks profiled, rare is the day that we are taken back in time to revisit the emotions we all shared when hearing or reading of Hanson's world record.  Well, I come with good news.  Another world record of another kind has been set.  On October 8, 2001, smack dab in the middle of Alberta's archery season, 29-year old Wayne Zaft launched an arrow to bring down the biggest typical whitetail ever taken with a bow!  Grossing 222 6/8 and netting 206 7/8 inches Boon and Crockett, the Zaft buck has a total of 15 7/8 inches in deductions.  An amazing sight to behold, this buck is a whitetail deer hunter's dream come true!  With a towering massive main frame, one look at this incredible monarch is enough to bring a tear to the eye of even the most seasoned whitetail hunter.

Wayn Zaft

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